30s – 40s
The D’Agaro family of Rigolato (UD) has been operating in the transport sector for at least 90 years. In fact, in 1925 UMBERTO D’AGARO, on the death of his father GIACINTO, inherited two horses and two wagons and succeeded him in the activity of “trade and haulage“. The main work consisted of the delivery of foodstuffs in all the municipalities and hamlets of the Val di Gorto on behalf of the COOPCA of Tolmezzo (UD).
In 1935, with the purchase of a Fiat 18 BLR, the haulage contracted company began in 1941 following the requisition of the vehicle due to war and resumed at the end of the second world war with the purchase of a Lancia 3Ro followed by a Lancia Esatau. From 1941 to 1946 he maintained the transport activity, delivering, among other things, supplies to the military border areas.
50s – 60s
Post-war expansion
During the fifties and sixties the main work was the transport of timber on behalf of the company CANDIDO of Forni Avoltri (UD), and of marble on behalf of the company MARGRAF of Chiampo (VI). Even today the latter represents one of the main customers and certainly the longest-lived of “Autotrasporti D’AGARO & C. srl“.
In 1962 his son AULO moved to Osoppo (UD) and created a new transport company currently managed by his son, who bears the name of his grandfather: UMBERTO. On the death of UMBERTO senior, in 1964, his son MARIO founded what is now “Autotrasporti D’AGARO & C. srl“ and started with a Lancia Esagamma. Over the years it has increased the number of vehicles by purchasing several Fiat vehicles and expanding its business also to Austria.
70s – 90s
Establishment in Amaro and start of collaboration with important customers
In 1974, with the birth of the firm GOCCIA di CARNIA of Forni Avoltri (UD), a collaboration began between the two companies which had been consolidated and maintained for more than forty years and which determined a slow but steady growth in the fleet.
In 1985, MARIO’s wife, MARIA GRAZIA, joined the company, and two years later her son ANGELO. Just the family management will be one of the strengths of the company that in 1988 bought a warehouse in Amaro (UD), which later became the registered office. In short it acquires important new customers such as the CARTOERA of OVARO followed by PIGNA and CARTIERA BURGO of Tolmezzo (UD) and covers the national and international territory with its traffic (Austria, Germany and France).
Investment and innovation in crisis period
Despite a general deep economic crisis that has decimated the transport companies in the regional territory, even in recent years the “Autotrasporti D’AGARO & C. srl“, under the guidance of ANGELO, has increased its size and its turnover and invested all available resources in staff training and renewal of the vehicle fleet, the only way to look to the future with confidence and optimism.
To date, there are thirty Volvo vehicles of which 50% are Euro 5 and 50% are Euro6, fifty-five are trailers and semi-trailers and more than thirty employees. Waiting for the great-grandchildren, the story continues …